8th Annual Mining Day at the State Capitol


Arizona’s Mining Industry hosts free event for the public, legislators, and students 

Phoenix, Arizona – The Arizona Mining Association (AMA) and Arizona Rocks Products Association (ARPA) will host the 8th Annual Mining Day at the Capitol on Wesley Bolin Plaza on Wednesday, March 27th, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This year’s theme is “Mining’s Role in OUR Clean Energy Future.” The free event will feature hands-on activities and demonstrations by exhibitors who support the mining industry (mining companies, academia, non-profits, and state agencies) to share the importance of mining in our everyday lives and the vital role it will play in clean energy technologies. 

This is an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn about their state’s mining legacy, to get a behind-the-scenes look at Arizona’s sustainable mining operations by operating simulators, and to ask their most challenging questions to subject matter experts. 

At the Mining Day at the Capitol, we shine a spotlight on the vital role mining plays in shaping our present and securing our future,” said AMA Chairman Francis McAllister, Freeport McMoRan, Inc. “In an era where sustainability and green energy are paramount, understanding the indispensable connection between mining and the technologies driving the green energy transition is imperative. 

This event serves as a crucial platform to educate both the public and our elected officials on the importance of construction aggregates used in every infrastructure project in the state and country including our homes schools, hospitals, and roads.  These resources add to the quality of our everyday lives and our aspirations towards a cleaner, more sustainable future,” said ARPA Chairman Martin Ramirez, FNF Construction. “Today, more than ever, we recognize that mining is not only essential for progress but also a cornerstone of our collective journey towards a brighter tomorrow.” 

About the Arizona Mining Association and the Arizona Rock Products Association         

The Arizona Mining Association (AMA) is the state’s unified voice for responsible, sustainable, and safe mining in Arizona. Through advocacy, the AMA helps Arizona remain the country’s top-ranking location for mining investment. AMA member companies produce approximately 74% of the nation’s newly mined copper and significant amounts of valuable co-products (e.g., gold, silver, selenium, tellurium, and molybdenum). Arizona’s hard rock mining industry employs approximately 13,645 people directly and an additional 47,262 indirectly and has an estimated direct and indirect economic impact of nearly $14.2 billion. 

The Arizona Rock Products Association (ARPA) supports the state’s aggregate mining industry. For over 65 years, ARPA has represented companies supporting the production of aggregates, asphaltic concrete, ready mix concrete, asphalt, lime products, and portland cement – materials used in almost all private and public construction projects. The industry employs approximately 8,116 people directly and 19,362 indirectly, for a total of 27,478, and has an estimated direct and indirect impact on the Arizona economy of $5.9 billion.   

Check AZMining.org and https://www.azrockproducts.org/ for more information. 

Contact: Steve Trussell, Steve@AZMining.org