arizona mining associationhealth & safety statement

The Arizona Mining Association (AMA) member companies are committed to an injury free workplace. The AMA insists upon the health and safety of employees as a common value for member companies.

The AMA recognizes member companies may have differing safety programs in place at the respective operations. However, the goal of each of these programs is the same: Protect and enhance the health and safety of all employees.

Learn more with our Fact Sheet: Worker Safety in Modern Mining
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The U.S. mining industry is making steady progress towards the ultimate goal of zero fatalities. Arizona mines have a particularly strong safety record. According to data from the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration, Arizona mines have had no more than one fatality per year over the past five years. As depicted in the graph below, new safety protocols and modern mining techniques have contributed to a marked decreased in fatalities over the past four decades.

Likewise, the injury rate has also been on the decline.

Despite these substantial improvements, we want to continue making progress. The National Mining Association’s CORESafety initiative sets a goal of zero fatalities and a 50% reduction in injuries over the next five years.

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