To be the primary advocate of the Arizona mining industry through promoting sound public policy at all levels of government, educating the public about the benefits of mining and supporting the sustainability of a safe and responsible mining industry.


We are a diversified mining association that is the unified voice of responsible, sustainable and safe mining in Arizona. We support educational programs that demonstrate the importance and benefits of mining to the economy and the quality of life. Our members benefit from productive relationships and alliances with government, business associations and natural resource industry groups. Through our advocacy, we help Arizona be the premier location for mining investment in the US.

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a letterfrom our chairman

The Arizona Mining Association’s (AMA) membership is composed of mining companies, suppliers, and consultants and firms that provide services in the mining industry. The AMA is an advocate for the mining industry and helps this group of companies and organizations to promote and support the industry. Over the past five years, the AMA has seen a 500% growth in membership despite lower prices for metals and minerals, as more and more companies see the importance of mining in Arizona and support the industry.

The AMA’s support of sustainable growth and development of mines and operations is of critical importance to the industry. This voice allows the industry to present itself as a united front on matters that are critical to maintaining and growing mining operations in Arizona. The AMA is an advocate for sound policy and legislation that promotes the industry and improves the standard of living of every Arizonan. We are proud of our members and to their commitment to continuous improvement.

Arizona’s mining industry dates back to the 1800’s when several mines were discovered. Through the development of these orebodies, cities and towns across the state were created and continue today to be thriving communities. At the AMA, we are proud of our state’s mining heritage and the ongoing opportunities to provide further economic growth and job creation through Arizona’s rich minerals resources.

Mining will continue to bring much needed jobs and positive economic impacts to rural Arizona, and the benefits are significant for the rest of the state and the nation. Metals play a fundamental role in technology, infrastructure, transportation and alternative-energy uses. As the Copper State, Arizona currently produces about two-thirds of our country’s copper, yet US production of copper continues to fall short of domestic demand. This lack of a reliable supply of copper could create national security concerns as copper is essential for national defense purposes.

At the AMA, we continue working with our state’s elected officials and regulatory agencies to promote laws and regulations that help the mining industry operate more efficiently and with the proper oversight from state agencies. We engage key thought leaders and decision-makers to ensure they have the facts in order to make informed decisions on issues affecting our industry.

With high paying jobs and over 11,700[1] workers directly employed by mining companies in Arizona, our industry is in a great position going forward. We also are excited about the possibilities to grow, bringing more jobs and an economic boost to the state – all while producing metals that are essential to our economy and today’s standard of living.

Francis McAllister
Chairman, Arizona Mining Association

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