The Arizona Mining Association is a diversified mining association that is the unified voice of responsible, sustainable and safe mining in Arizona. We support educational programs that demonstrate the importance and benefits of mining to the economy and the quality of life. Our members benefit from productive relationships and alliances with government, business associations and natural resource industry groups. Through our advocacy, we help Arizona be the premier location for mining investment in the US.

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mining drivesarizona's economy

Get the keys facts about Arizona’s $15.4 billion (direct and indirect) contribution to the economy.

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The Arizona Mining Association is the longest standing trade association for the hard rock mining industry. The AMA works diligently to connect Arizona operators with the groups and people who support and promote sound mining practices. Explore opportunities, develop relationships, and produce results with the Arizona Mining Association.

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the ama iscommitted to safety

Arizona Mining operators place safety as their number one priority. There is no greater accomplishment within the mining industry than a perfect safety record. The commitment to safety is evidenced by the measures taken to ensure employee well-being. Arizona mining personnel strive to have the lowest incident rate in the country.

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miningin the community

We take great pride in our communities. Arizona mining investment goes far beyond mine operations and facilities but into local communities. The impact that mining has is greater than job growth and capital infusion, this industry wants to support the development of future generations through education programs and expanded opportunities.

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