Mining Matters: Fred Hays

Who: Fred Hays

Job Title: Business Development

Company: Clean Harbors

Location: San Manuel, AZ

Why does mining matter to you?  What is your role in the Mining Industry?

“The jobs and benefits it provides to rural communities and families along with the many programs they operate that benefit the environment, healthcare and education for rural communities as well as the many products we enjoy that are a direct benefit of mining.”

As part of the Mining Industry, what are you most proud of?

“The local, national and international impact Arizona mining products provides.”

Tell us a little about yourself and why you are sharing your “Mining Matters” story!

“I am proud to be from San Manuel, AZ.  I grew up and worked in mining communities and have seen the history and legacy mining has provided as well as the many opportunities provided to rural communities and families in addition to the revenue they invest for the betterment of these communities.”