Mining Matters: Tyson Nansel

Who: Tyson Nansel

Job Title: Principal Advisor – Communications

Company: Resolution Copper

Location: Superior, AZ


Why does mining matter to you?  What is your role in the Mining Industry?

“Born and raised in the great copper state, mining means everything to me.  Mining allows us to have a living.  Our homes, cars, air conditioning in the summer, and the technology we use all come from mining.

My role is to showcase the benefits of mining and keep the public up to date on project milestones of Resolution Copper.  Our project helps generate social and economic benefits for local communities while working towards a mining operation that will produce up to 25% of the U.S. demand.  Copper is a cornerstone of Arizona’s history and economy.”


As part of the Mining Industry, what are you most proud of?

I am proud of the work Resolution Copper is doing to be one of the most water-efficient mines in Arizona, keeping the community and employees safe, and reclaiming the historic tailings from the Magma Mine.

I am proud that Resolution Copper is deeply invested in rural Arizona’s future which will become a key player in the new clean energy economy.  We also remain committed to engaging and maintaining two-way dialogue with local communities, Native American tribes and all interested stakeholders so the project moves forward responsibly and sustainably.