Safe Miner Award

Created in 2023, the Safe Miner Awards cover five different categories. Nominate your company’s safe miners throughout the year and the winners will receive their award during the AMA Annual Awards Dinner at the Annual Meeting in the fall.

The nomination categories are:

  1. Life Saver Intervention – Has someone directly prevented a fatal injury by stepping in and acting?
  2. Most Influential – Has someone dramatically affected the performance of the site by influencing others?
  3. Contractor Living the Values – Has a contractor gone above expectations to achieve a culture of safe production?
  4. Leadership in Safety – Has someone challenged the status quo, taking the organization to the next level?
  5. Culture Creator – Has someone made a significant impact on culture that has changed the dynamic of the mine?

Each year, AMA members can nominate employees and contractors for any of the SAFE MINER categories. These categories are meant to reflect the hard work and commitment of those individuals that go above and beyond to ensure every miner goes home safe and healthy every day. While categories like the Life Saver Intervention are important, the other additional categories are focused on the intangibles of culture, leadership, influence, and values that lead to world class safety performance that aren’t as easy to calculate.

These nominations must be accompanied with a detailed explanation, photo of the nominee, and results that were realized. Recipients of the award will attend the AMA Annual Meeting at the end of the year and will be recognized for their contributions towards a culture of Safe Production for Arizona Mines.

Safe Miners